Barry211115 153 (Medium)
Barry211115 114 (Medium)
Barry211115 155 (Medium)
011115 002 (Medium)
Barry211115 021 (Medium)
Barry211115 064 (Medium)
Barry211115 021 (Medium)
011115 075 (Medium)
011115 182 (Medium)

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Some wishes for aeromodellers!

  • May your engines start first flick.
  • May you speed controler arm
  • May all your rolls be axial.
  • May your aircraft always land in the same condition it took off in.
  • May your radio gear never suffer glitching.
  • May your props not bite.
  • May all your Solarfilm be wrinkle free.
  • May your Dremel only remove the balsa you want.
  • May your partner never find your receipts.
  • May your cyano bottle not clog up at the little bit at the top.
  • May all your test flights be boring.
  • May the wind always be straight down the runway.

Finally, remember the old pilot’s adages –

  • There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old, bold pilots!
  • All new manoeuvres should be attempted at an altitude of three mistakes high!


Whether you’re new to the world of radio control aircraft or an old hand (should that be “wing”?), we hope that everyone will find something of interest on our web site. You will find advice on starting out in aeromodelling, learning to fly, flying aerobatics, avoiding the pitfalls, some building tips and model reviews. There’s also advice on how to check out your model and how to gain your pilot’s wings.

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