If you have ever been to a model flying field, you will have seen guys flying around making it all look so natural. Engines that start first time, perfect paint job on the model aircraft and all topped off by exquisite flying. It’s not always like that!

As a matter of course, all beginners are assisted in a programme of learning to build or assemble their own model and to fly it in a competent and safe manner to a minimum of the S.A.A. Bronze Safety Certificate standard. The club has a number of experienced members who are happy to train beginners and one of our members is an examiner for the S.A.A. Just ask around at the field or talk to a committee member to find out who they are.

We suggest that before you part with any of your hard earned cash you visit our club. There are several reasons for this but the main ones are that you can get free and impartial advice from any of our club members as well as seeing model aircraft in action.

You are very welcome to attend any of our flying days (virtually any day, anytime). The best way to attend one of our flying days is to contact one of our committee members who will be pleased to make any necessary arrangements to meet you and ensure that when you arrive, there will be flying going on and fellow enthusiasts to chat to.

To Join DMAC please click on the link to download a zip file which has the membership forms, club rules and the SAA form.

Please download and print the PDF.  You can download Adobe for free here. There are also printed copies in the club hut.

Join D.M.A.C. (Download Form) 

Check your download folder for the Membership zip file.

By this time we hope you will have seen what an easy-going, friendly and informal club we are. Joining our club before you even have a model seems like putting the horse before the cart but there are very good reasons for doing so.

Firstly, our club enjoys excellent relationships with local model shops and they all offer a significant discount to club members on most things that you will need to buy. Secondly, the choice of aircraft, engines, radio gear etc. is huge.

Everyone, including the model shop owner, wants to ensure that you will enjoy the hobby with the gear most suited to your particular requirements. Finally, you will probably require some assistance in building your first radio control model.