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We are based with in Barry Buddon which is an active MOD property.

Please do not visit Barry-Buddon without contacting us first (unless, of course, you are attending one of our “open” events like our fly-ins).

Barry-Buddon is an operational Ministry Of Defence base with live firing exercises and is frequently visited by military aircraft. Model flying restrictions for safety considerations are therefore sometimes in place which the M.O.D. routinely inform us of.

Barry-Buddon camp is easy to find, being located approximately 6 miles East of Dundee.

Below are directions to Monifieth (the nearest town to Barry-Buddon) from the three major Scottish cities. If none of these directions are suitable for you, you can get a much more customized set by going to the Royal Automobile Website and using their free route planner . Set the destination to Monifieth and in a few seconds you’ll have customised directions.

Using What 3 Words location


These directions can be downloaded here as a zipped File for printing.

From Aberdeen

Distance Description
0.0m From Aberdeen take the A956
4.5m Then leave the A956 for the A90
16.3m Then leave the A90 for the A92
48.9m Then leave the A92
50.1m At Arbroath join the A92
60.1m At Mains of Ardestie leave the A92 for the B962
61.3m Then leave the B962 for the A930
61.4m At Monifieth

From Edinburgh

Distance Description
0.0m From Edinburgh take the A90
2.2m At Blackhall (Edinburgh) leave the A90 for the A902
4.2m At Edinburgh EH4.8 leave the A902 for the A90
12.5m At Inverkeithing 1 leave the A90 for the M90
13.1m At M90-A823M stay on the M90
39.1m At M90-M85 leave the M90 for the M85
40.4m At Bridgend 11 leave the M85 for the A90
60.9m At Dundee leave the A90 for the A92
65.4m Then leave the A92
66.3m Then join the A930
67.1m At Monifieth

From Glasgow

Distance Description
0.0m From Glasgow take the A8
0.4m At Glasgow-Centre 20 leave the A8 for the M8
4.7m At M8-M80 leave the M8 for the M80
8.3m Then leave the M80 for the A80
18.7m At Banknock 4 leave the A80 for the M80
19.8m At M80-M876 leave the M80 for the M876
24.7m At M9-M876 leave the M876 for the M9
26.2m At M876-M9 leave the M9 for the M876
27.5m At Airth 3 leave the M876 for the A876
29.3m At Kincardine (Fife) leave the A876 for the A977
39.2m At Powmill leave the A977 for the A823
39.9m At Rumbling Bridge leave the A823 for the A977
46.0m At Kinross 6 leave the A977 for the M90
59.8m At M90-M85 leave the M90 for the M85
61.1m At Bridgend 11 leave the M85 for the A90
81.6m At Dundee leave the A90 for the A92
86.1m Then leave the A92
86.9m Then join the A930
87.8m At Monifieth

In Monifieth

If all goes to plan, you should be in the main street of Monifieth. Follow the map below to the main Barry-Buddon Camp entrance.

As Barry-Buddon is Ministry Of Defence property, please only enter the Camp when accompanied by a D.M.A.C. Member.