Some wishes for aeromodellers!

    • May your engines start first flick.
    • May you speed controler arm
    • May all your rolls be axial.
    • May your aircraft always land in the same condition it took off in.
    • May your radio gear never suffer glitching.
    • May your props not bite.
    • May all your Solarfilm be wrinkle free.
    • May your Dremel only remove the balsa you want.
    • May your partner never find your receipts.
    • May your cyano bottle not clog up at the little bit at the top.
    • May all your test flights be boring.
    • May the wind always be straight down the runway.

Finally, remember the old pilot’s adages –

    • There are old pilots.
    • There are bold pilots.
    • But there are no old, bold pilots!