Covid 19

Dundee Model Aircraft Club COVID-19 Risk Management.

In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection the club committee has adapted advice given by the SAA regarding safely visiting the flying field to our own situation as follows:

Members should not visit the flying site expecting to socialise or have a chat. Come only if you intend to fly and once you have finished flying, go home.

Members should bring their own PPE, such as hand sanitizer, mask and gloves.

All such items and all other rubbish must be taken home by members as there will be no access to the clubhouse and no bin available.

Members should be sure to carry their mobile phone.

The clubhouse will be closed except for essential maintenance by committee members. (and access to the log-in sheet)

Cars should be parked a couple of car widths apart, using the over-spill parking areas as required.

Members should make sure they have all the equipment they need for the day as there should be no sharing of tools or equipment. Practical help will not be available and members should not touch anything that does not belong to them.

Members should bring their own seats.

Setting up positions in the pits must be at least two metres apart.

The starting tables will be kept over two metres apart.

Training can take place with wireless buddy boxing or with a long enough wired connection, but teacher and student must maintain two metres separation.

Members should take care to fully comply with any special requirements in place for signing in at the Camp HQ.

Any member who has symptoms of COVID-19 or is feeling unwell should stay away. Those in high risk groups should consider carefully if coming to the field is safe for them.

Although the committee currently has no plans to limit numbers attending, as the field area is large and social distancing should be easy to maintain, should larger numbers than usual appear and create issues, then a maximum number of members would have to be set and a flying slot booking system adopted.

The Committee June 2020.